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    Does this resonate with anyone?

    A lot of the symptoms here line up with the points listed on the AOA homepage. I'm glad to see more aren't letting COVID take all the credit, what if it was just a coverup for the shift of the Ages?
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    Jupit3rLe0 Here: Hello Everyone!

    Hi @Jupit3rLe0, glad to have you here and thank you for being one of the brave souls to post to our (so far) barren forums! There has been a lot to do behind the scenes and we haven't had as much time to get this community kick started just yet as our focus has been in the physical realm. It...
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    Well hello!

    Hi @Jodi@HealingCircus, glad to have you here! How did you find out about @BLUVNBU is hosting daily live streams up to the anniversary of the Great Conjunction (December 21st)... you should introduce yourself on stream. We'd love to hear about the Healing Circus.
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    Create a "New Member" Thread

    Hey Charlie, glad you have joined us! Feel free to start an introduction thread if you want to share your story and how you ended up becoming aware of these dynamics.
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    Moon cycles

    The moon is a great revealer, and following moon cycles is one of the clearest guides given to us by nature. Here's a resource to help you get in harmony with your place under each New Moon: