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  1. Stardust

    New Tarot Card Deck Inspired by the Cinema | @MelanieStardust

    Excited to announce my latest project - a tarot card deck series inspired by my favorite movies Each card in the deck represents a different aspect of the human experience, brought to life through the lens of some of my all-time fave films. I can't wait to share this deck with the world and...
  2. Stardust

    The Guidebook is here!

    Can't wait to read it!
  3. Stardust

    Aquarian Art + Music Festival

    Comment below if you're going x
  4. Stardust

    Aquarian Art + Music Festival

    VIP Tickets are available now at Can't wait to see you all! 2/2/2022 begins at 5pm in Lake Eola, Orlando
  5. Stardust

    How will the age of Aquarius be?

    Every transition is unique to each individual and no one person is experiencing the same spiritual awakening as another. Yet the rate at which people are waking up is increasing tremendously. One thing I can recommend to endure the "end" and embrace a new beginning is to focus on your...