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The most cutting-edge research, methods, tools, and community to help you THRIVE as an artist and creator in the Aquarian Age.

There is no better place or time to master the attributes necessary to thrive in this exciting new technological age.

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The Guidebook Comes to Life...


On December 21st, 2022, the first edition of The Last Stand: How To Thrive in the Age of Aquarius was self-published for free to the world. All of the findings within this 66-page text have played out in real-time and are just getting started.

This was ONLY the beginning...

Anyone in the world can access the core of information within AAA by dedicating two hours to digest this book. It will always be free. However, you will be on your own to weather the storms of change as you adapt to the Aquarian Age.

The Alliance provides 24/7 365 access to the founding team of, and by extension, the organization's trusted advisors who are God-guided world-class experts in business, finance, investing, economics, AI, operational security, internet privacy, and blockchain technology.

Our mission is to support YOU to become the BEST leader, teacher, and healer that you are meant to be.

This will be achieved by observing the unfolding transformation of money and applying the practical new age methods to advance your Mind, Body, and Spirit. Nowhere else will you find the complete support and teachings to ensure that you thrive in a world that will be unrecognizable by 2030. Supporting willing and action-oriented seekers is the only effective way to allow peace and prosperity on Earth.

Will you take a stand and join the Alliance?

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The Platform

Aquarian Community Forum

The Aquarian Community Forum is one of the few corners of the internet where you CANNOT be censored, de-platformed, tracked, or surveilled, and can explore your right to FREE SPEECH. Self-hosted and employed by the FOSS Wordpress CMS, it is a forever free resource and will be the dashboard for AAA members to access the exclusive benefits included with their paid enrollment. The contributions to AAA will go towards maintenance and development of the platform, including new features, increased security, and the ultimate transformation as a Web 3.0 interface to the Bitcoin blockchain.

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Master the Five Sciences

Based on the Five Elements

The balance of power on Earth has been tilted in favor of a small minority. They have had access to sacred knowledge that many have not directly sought after or been able to fully grasp. The following AAA Masterclasses will offer a much DEEPER dive into the information within the guidebook. They will help to connect the dots in an engaging way that finally makes sense.

By studying and applying this information at an accelerated pace, you will have a MASSIVE advantage in getting positioned mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially well ahead of your peers. Preparation is required and the sooner you adapt, the sooner you will be ready to ACT on the challenging and RARE opportunities to come.

Fire Element
Sacred Science #1

Master the FIRE Science of your Spirit

As conscious beings, it is important to remember that all that is, has been, and ever will be is awareness. You are not your body, past, career, possesions or anything actually tangible. But, are you not aware of those experiences in your life? Here we will explore the first science of Spirit. This is the fire that ignites our individual and collective existence. To know where you are going, it is key to know where you have begun.

Earth Element
Sacred Science #2

Master the EARTH Science of your Body

The human body is a divinely perfect work of art capable of healing miracles. Here we will break down the actual food pyramid and essentials to embodying a sound temple that will facilitate the infinite creative potential of your awareness.

Sacred Science #5
Air Element

Master the AIR Science of your Mind

As it stands, humans have yet to unlock the full potential of the brain. Here we will break down the various faculties of the mind's mental construct that facilitates our body's ability to house our innate conscious awareness.

Water Element
Sacred Science #4

Master the WATER Science of your Passions

Humans have not incarnated to exist within a hamster wheel of eat, sleep, and repeat. Here we will explore why the relentless pursuit of your passions is critical to health, wealth, and lifelong personal happiness. The air age technologies will naturally reduce the need for mundane jobs that will be automated by robotics, AI, and blockchain technology. Once you unleash your passions, you will learn the proven cutting-edge business, marketing, and mindset strategies to secure your financial freedom once and for all.

Water Element
Ether Element

Master the ETHEREAL Science of your Purpose

Here we will explore the deepest question of all... "Why am I here?" In the former age of Pisces, much of ones individual purpose was derived from religious doctrines. The Aquarian age will challenge you to dive deeper into your heart to discover and embody your true purpose that is aligned with Spirit and the irrevocable Natural Laws of the Universe.

Master The Markets

Alex Mangini


Master the Central Banking Scam

No matter what business or investment you have, it is impossible to get ahead and especially stay ahead without learning the inner workings of the central banking system. The custodian of every major war and the financiers of Globalism, the central banks are NOT your friend. But, in this alliance you will learn how to avoid the pitfalls of central banking and which banks you can trust.

Matt Welsh


Master Sound Economic Theory

Learn the history and mechanics behind every correction, recession, and depression. Learn the distinction between a bull and bear market while effectively monitoring the money supply and TRUE health of the economy.

Gary Daniels


Master Entrepreneurship

You may not consider yourself an artist. However, unlocking your passions and gifts is CRITICAL to thriving in the Aquarian age. The corporate structure of the Piscean age is dying fast. Here you will learn the best of business, marketing, branding, and customer service to ensure that you build a successful venture that is aligned with your purpose and will endure the changes to come.

Alex Mangini

Real Estate

Master the Laws of Land

Whether or not you are buying your first home, looking to sell your home, or enter the real estate sector in any capacity, our team has you covered. Learn the core fundamentals necessary to ensure you buy and sell at the RIGHT time. Learn all of the best ways to maximize cash flow in real estate and how to maintain a property that will hold it's value.

Matt Welsh


Master the Indices

Learn the inner workings of the most discussed and relevant market in the corporate world. Learn why the stock market will continue to evolve and ultimately reduce to a small basket of stocks, as companies fold and get swallowed up by powerful corporations.

Matt Welsh


Master the Future of Money

Blockchain is the world-changing underlying technology for cryptocurrency. Here you will learn the most important and new asset class of the future. Crypto was created to faciliate the transformation of fiat cash into digital money for the internet. It is a better way, but not without MASSIVE risk and threat to civilization. You will learn the most sound fundamental cryptos, how to trade your fiat currency for it, how to store it safely, and to leverage the trends and trading methods to maximize your holdings over time. All of the markets affect this asset class. This is why we will cover them all and ultimately end here.

Live classes conclude on November 17th, 2024

Replays available exclusively for Allies


  • 4/21/2024 The Last Stand - Crypto 101 + Operational Security + Privacy Tools w/ LIVE Q&A
  • 5/19/2024 First Monthly Community Meeting w/ Special Guest TBA + w/ LIVE Q&A
  • 6/23/2024 Master Your Awakening Process w/ LIVE Q&A
  • 7/21/2024 Master the Fire Science of Spirit w/ LIVE Q&A
  • 8/18/2024 Master the Earth Science of the Body w/ LIVE Q&A
  • 9/15/2024 Master the Air Science of the Mind w/ LIVE Q&A
  • 10/20/2024 Master the Water Science of Passion w/ LIVE Q&A
  • 11/17/2024 Master the Ethereal Science of Purpose w/ LIVE Q&A



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For now the gift pack will include an Age of Aquarius custom tee shirt, hat or beanie, a signed copy of the printed guidebook, and more to be decided by the community.

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There are no additional costs for the first 100 allies that enroll. Once these spots are filled, the cost to continue access and services will be set to $10 per month, or $99 per year.

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