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Saturday February 15th, 2025 in Orlando, Florida

The 2nd Ever



A celebration of peace, prosperity, and freedom.

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…what is this festival about?

Lake Eola Park in Downtown Orlando, FL is hosting the world's largest breath circle.

We are providing the entertainment, information, and the platform. The only question is... will you be there?

From the festival creator,

One message

When I tried to tell my friends that there is a threat in the air... I did not mean that it was the air that was the threat

How could it be that breathing, the true foundation of the food pyramid, health, and ALL life... could be so feared and so misunderstood?

When I attended my first breath circle, it truly changed my life. I knew then, that it was the answer to world peace, happiness, and healing.

Maybe the big question is what would happen if the world finds out, that after all..

We have just been adapting to the Air Age of Aquarius.

If you are ready to be on the cutting edge of learning how to THRIVE in the new Aquarian age, then you must attend this event.

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The Venue

Walt Disney Amphitheater

The Walt Disney Amphitheater is located at Lake Eola Park, a popular, safe, and historic destination in the Downtown Orlando area. The sound from this stage will project around the park during the breath circle. Then, the live music and presentations will commence at this beautiful amphitheater surrounded by local vendors, food trucks, popcorn, snacks, and beverages. (Photo by: VillaKey)

See sitemap + Parking

This is not just any festival?

It is designed to help you THRIVE in the Aquarian Age

The core mission of this event is to inspire the evolution of your Spirit, Body, Mind, Passions, and Purpose. Discover new ideas and the tools helpful to master these aspects of yourself, make new friends, shop from local vendors, and enjoy Aquarian style live music all while in nature.

Fire Element
Sacred Science #1

Master the FIRE Science of your Spirit

As conscious beings, it is important to remember that all that is, has been, and ever will be is awareness. You are not your body, past, career, possesions or anything actually tangible. But, are you not aware of those experiences in your life? Here we will explore the first science of Spirit. This is the fire that ignites our individual and collective existence. To know where you are going, it is key to know where you have begun.

Earth Element
Sacred Science #2

Master the EARTH Science of your Body

The human body is a divinely perfect work of art capable of healing miracles. Here we will break down the actual food pyramid and essentials to emobodying a sound temple that will facilitate the infinite creative potential of your awareness.

Sacred Science #5
Air Element

Master the AIR Science of your Mind

As it stands, humans have yet to access the full potential of their minds. Here we will break down the various faculties of the mental construct that facilitates our body's ability to house our innate conscious awareness.

Water Element
Sacred Science #4

Master the WATER Science of your Passions

Humans have not incarnated to exist within a hamster wheel of eat, sleep, and repeat. Here we will explore why the relentless pursuit of your passions is critical to health, wealth, and personal fulfillment and how to best achieve this during an air age.

Water Element
Ether Element

Master the ETHEREAL Science of your Purpose

Here we will explore the deepest question of all... "Why am I here?" In the former age of Pisces, much of one's individual purpose was derived from religion. The Aquarian age will require you to dive deeper into your soul to discover and embody your true purpose.

Keynote Artists & Speakers

After the breath circle, six special guests will share how to THRIVE in the Aquarian Age

Alex Mangini

Matt Welsh

Teacher at

Festival Creator will be performing his new record AQUARIAN and teach The 5 Sciences to THRIVE in the new age

BLUVNBU profile Aquarian profile

Matt Welsh

Alex Mangini

Kolakube developer

Creator of Marketers Delight with 10+ years of creating functional, beautifully designed online businesses with websites like this one

kolakube profile Aquarian profile

Gary Daniels

Gary Daniels

Founder and Coach at

Coach Gary Daniels will be teaching the science and breath mechanics that aid in healing and personal life transformation

health-defense profile Aquarian profile

Alex Mangini

Dillon Sternkopf

Artist at D.WILD

DWILD will be making his big debut back to the city of the sun with a special LIVE performance

dillonwildmusic profile Aquarian profile

Matt Welsh

PJ Fronsdahl

Co-Founder of Injoy Events

As Emcee of the festival, PJ has been a staple for bringing people from all walks of life together

pjallday profile Aquarian profile

Matt Welsh

Carolynne Welsh

Artist at

Artist and event coordinator who made this all possible will be giving a keynote speech

carolynneart profile Aquarian profile

Saturday February 15th, 2025

5 - 8 PM EST


  • 5:00 PM - Opening Ceremony and Breathing Practice @ the Amphitheater
  • 5:15 PM - Group Breath Circle
  • 5:30 PM - DWILD LIVE Performance
  • 6:00 PM - Gary Daniels |
  • 6:20 PM - Matt Welsh |
  • 6:40 PM - Alex Mangini |
  • 7:00 PM - A message from Carolynne | Event Coordinator
  • 7:10 PM - BLUVNBU LIVE Performance
  • 7:50 PM - LIVE Q&A Panel w/ the AOA Team
  • 8:00 PM - Closing Keynote & Announcements



VIP after party had taken place at

Elixir, Downtown Orlando FL

From 8pm-2am for a more intimate gathering at Elixir in downtown Orlando. Available with the Aquarian all access pass.

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9 W Washington St. Orlando, FL 32801

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? Start here or email:

Is there any cost to attend the event?

No. The only required investment is your time. Upgraded VIP tickets are available, but not required to attend. This is a free event and a short event. We recommend staying for the full three hours (5 to 8 PM).

Will the event be livestreamed?

Yes. The event will be livestreamed and available to watch for free on for those who cannot attend. However, it requires 1,000 attendees in person to complete the breath circle around the lake. Your presence is encouraged if possible!

Are Pets allowed?

Yes. You are welcome to bring your furry family members. However, you are responsible and liable for them and their actions.

Will food and drinks be available?

Yes. There will be non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, food trucks, and vendors available from 5-8 PM. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Lake Eola 50 Year Master Plan. If you have any food allergies, then please advise before purchasing any concession items. You are also allowed to bring outside food and drink (non-alcoholic) as long as you dispose of in the proper trash + recycling containers.

How do I become a Vendor or Sponsor?

Yes! While confirmation is not guaranteed, the sooner you submit your work, the better. This will put you on our radar for the next event. Submit your EPK via email to You can view all of the benefits from our first festival to get an idea of what is included by viewing our Vendor or Sponsor one sheet documents.

How should I dress for this event?

We recommend checking the weather on the day of for this winter-based event. The temperature tends to be warmer during the day and cooler during the night. A light sweater, beenie, pants, and covered shoes should be comfortable.

Can I apply to be an musical artist or speaker?

Yes! While confirmation is not guaranteed, the sooner you submit your work, the better. This will put you on our radar for the next event. Submit your EPK via email to

Where do I park and what is the cost?

Most available parking will be found on N Rosalind Ave (See Detailed Site Map). There are also 3 nearby parking garages: The Library Garage (112 E Central Blvd), The Central Garage (55 West Central Blvd) and The 55 West Garage (60 W Pine St). There is very limited parking surrounding the lake and most of it is metered. If you find a spot, there is a cost of $1 per hour from the hours of 8 AM to 6 PM (Coins or Card). Afterwards, all metered parking is free. We encourage carpooling, getting dropped off, or rideshare to make your transportation easier. And we recommend arriving as early as 3 PM!

Why should I attend this event?

The amount of financial, personal, and creative investment to make this possible cannot be understated. Your support in attending this free event will support local entrepreneurs, freedom, peace, and unity within the community. It will offer you a rare opportunity to skyrocket your personal evolution and inspire the world for ages to come.

Is this event safe and family friendly?

Yes. This is an outdoor event at Lake Eola Park, a very well known and family friendly location. There is no alcohol being served and we will have security during the event just in case.

What is a breath circle?

A breath circle is when two or more come together, hand in hand, and focus on nothing other than breathing in and out in a synchronized flow. The experience is very sacred, personal, and healing. However, it can be uncomfortable at first. We encourage you to push past this comfort zone and experience human connection like never before!

How will this breath circle be achieved?

For this particular breath circle, attendees will have the option to hold hands OR a ribbon with the person to the left and right of them and will be provided natural hand sanitizer before and after. The practice will be simple. Once all attendees are around the lake, we will begin by breathing in and out for the duration of a 5 minute song and then hold the last breath when the song ends. We will allow for 5 minutes for all attendees to hold this breath and enjoy the experience before releasing the circle. Our keynote speaker will guide everyone through it by means of a loudspeaker system attached to each light post around the perimeter of the park.

How many people will be attending?

Our minimum goal is for an expected attendance of 1,000 people, although there is no limit. Please register and help share the event to make sure we achieve that number to complete a full breath circle around the lake!

When will the next festival take place?

The first festival on 2/2/2022 was a grand success. However, attendance was limited for the reason that most are unaware of the Aquarian age, this platform, and the festival itself. Please join the Aquarian Community and share with your peers to help grow demand for the next festival.

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