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I am seeking to team up with an expert WordPress developer to pioneer what I believe is the biggest opportunity in the world.

What we are experiencing as a humanity is the evolution from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.

Big Tech has succeeded in casting a mirage of the Web3 world they want for everyone...

This is essentially all of the internet's e-commerce and data harvested, surveilled, and controlled on their servers. The result is the obvious censorship, shadow-banning, and de-platforming that has taken place. This is an obsolete, inferior, and unnecessary use of the internet that is NOT for the people.

Those who keep building their platforms and businesses in this way will not be able to compete with what is coming and are subject to these growing risks imo.

As I find myself here on the cutting edge of Blockchain technology, I am eager to share that the future Web3 for the internet can be facilitated by the decentralized network of SHA-256 miners. Yes, the future that is for the people could be Bitcoin!

Contrary to popular belief, the computing power of Bitcoin in it's original design (BSV) has been buried by Big Tech (Because it is their greatest threat) and is almost completely untapped... until now.

I am working with the most talented Bitcoin developers in the world that are eager and ready to integrate the Web 2.0 (Self-hosted WordPress) site with the Bitcoin blockchain.

I am seeking a WordPress webmaster who is excited about this, eager to learn, reliable, and willing to work beside me and these BSV devs to bring this 3.0 project to life!

One of the biggest needs/opportunities right now is creating plugins that allow Web2 WP platforms to seamlessly communicate with the Bitcoin blockchain. Your understanding of WP, PHP, html, CSS, FTP, and JAVA is all that is needed. Though in building this out, you have the opportunity to learn how Bitcoin sCrypt works with all of the above. Bonus would be an understanding of the best forum software for WP, ZenForo.

It would be extraordinary to connect with a webmaster that resides in/around Orlando, so we can occasionally meet up and mastermind in my studio.

Thank you for reviewing this inquiry. If you or someone you know may be interested, please send an email to with the subject line: Webmaster, or reply to this discussion thread.

With Luv & Gratitude,



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